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(Dupuytren's contracture treatment)

Dupuytren’s disease is a common disorder characterized by the formation of scar tissue (fibrosis) of the palms of the hands. This creates a thickening in the skin and connective tissue which can cause deformity, joint stiffness, pain, and loss of function. Most cases can be managed conservatively without the need for surgery. However, if the condition is causing pain or limitation in function and finger range of motion, more aggressive treatment may be needed.

Unfortunately there are no lifestyle, diet, or exercise changes that will fix Dupuytren’s disease. Your options are:

  1. Surgery: Known as limited palmar fasciectomy. This is the most invasive, with similar recurrence as needle aponeurotomy. It is also the most expensive, approximately $4000- $9000.

  2. Collagenase Injection: This method involves injection of a digestive enzyme into the scar tissue. It has a similar rate of recurrence to needle aponeurotomy. Generally it is more expensive than needle aponeurotomy but less expensive than surgery. Patients also have a higher likelihood of adverse reactions (swelling & pain).

  3. Needle Aponeurotomy: a less invasive approach that can be done in office. Recurrence rates are slightly higher, depending on the study. The benefit is that this procedure often has less recovery time and less cost. This is the method we perform at Vitality Family Healthcare, saving you money and recovery time.

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